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3 Day Masquerade held inside the Lake Square Mall

If you missed the 11th Annual Fashion Designers Runway Showcase last month, you really missed an amazing evening. This Masquerade Showcase was hosted by Bella Faire Event Productions and took place inside Via Entertainment and right here inside the Lake Square Mall. The bowling lanes were transformed in a runway and you won't even recognize Cafe Court! There were designers from all over Florida and Goergia, Models that have walked the runway at Miami Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, and for the VMAX "For One Community" Youth Models, you would never be able to tell that this was the very first runway for some of them!

Bowling Lanes transformed into a Runway

Guest entered a bowling alley at the Boutique Fashion Explosion Showcase, but they would have never recognized it once it was transformed into a fashion runway for the evening. This was a first even for our international models!

Adına Pinnock modeling for Georges Marciano Ranch during the Boutique Fashion Explosion Showcase inside VIA Entertainment.

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